From Channel 10 San Diego:

While I keep the most important videos on the home page of this site, I tend to make a lot of video journals entries during my walks, drives, etc. These are more of a window into my mind and have little nuggets of information I feel are worth sharing with you, my clients or potential clients.


Below I talk about how getting a high-five from a passerby changed my plan for the better and how community is all around us. I talk about how my work as a Cuddlist is also about community. I offer those that don’t have community available the opportunity to connect. You will see talking about it makes me tear up. I love what I do.

In this video, I share an experience of determining my boundaries and the hesitation to communicate them. I talk about how the teacher (me) sometimes needs more practice. Cuddle Party and private sessions offer that practice for my clients/guests as well as myself.

Why does our session need to remain non-sexual?

I LOVE trying new things!  I share this video with the intention of inspiring you!  🙂

Cuddle Party and Rule Number 9… why it’s a tough rule for me to talk about.

After my first experience as a client…

Talk therapy and trust based touch…

What’s it like to be in a relationship with a professional cuddler?  My partner gives us his take.